We are here for YOU!!!

Why Join Restorers House?

Why Join Our Church

Start your journey with us today.
  • We are passionate and determined to see YOU succeed in all your spiritual, personal, family, professional, business endeavours and want to see you succeed.
  • We are here for YOU.
  • At Restorers House, we have a vibrant atmosphere that is friendly, loving and caring.
  • We praise and worship God in the Spirit and preach the undiluted word.
  • We believe prayer is a spiritual master key that can open impossible doors.
  • We have YOU at the centre of all our activities.
  • Your spiritual upliftment, growth and maturity enhance even our creativity and services.
  • With YOU around us, we are fulfilling our God sent mission and destiny.
  • At Restorer′s House YOU are not just a number, YOU matter to us.
  • Partner with us today and fulfil your colourful destiny in style.

Start your journey with us today.